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Master in Global Strategic Development from Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) with two bachelors in Economics and International Relations from Faculdade de Campinas (FACAMP). He has experience in international companies, specifically in Sales & Marketing and Training & Development (T&D) projects at universities in the United States and NPOs. Professional in the Human Development area, focusing on Careers and Professional Performance. Personal skills and specializations in:

International Relations


Creative Economy


Human Resources






Education and Professional Training


Design Thinking and Human Centric Design




Critical and Creative Thinking

The certifications obtained in the psychometric instruments Career Direct, Personality ID, Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), and Emotional Intelligence Traits Questionnaire (TEIque) allowed Marcelo to start his career as a human development consultant in 2011, understanding the particularities of the behavioral characteristics of his clients and connecting them to their personal and professional goals.

In 2016, Marcelo became a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, which enabled him to deepen his knowledge of the Science of Strengths and stimulate and facilitate many people’s growth, development and performance. In 2021, Marcelo became Career Direct’s Master Trainer in Brazil and Portuguese-speaking countries, with 51 trained human resources professionals who have already helped more than 778 clients. He is the creator of the Vocatheo podcast, dedicated to collaborative learning through exchanging people’s knowledge and experience about careers, the job market, creative economy, behavior, soft skills, talents, education, and transcendence.

Nowadays, Marcelo lives as a concierge: helping people connect with their vocations.


Master of Mental Health from Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) with an associate degree in Practical Theology from the Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) and a Bachelor of Laws from Wyden Educational. With experience in individual counseling and personal development in small groups in NPOs in the state of Amazonas / Brazil. Participated in and led international humanitarian projects to combat children and women trafficking in East Asian countries. Professional in the area of ​​Human Development, focusing on counseling, human behavior, and improving personal and professional skills. Personal skills and specializations in:

International Relations


Womem Empowerment




Public Speaking


Motivational Lectures






Couples Couseling

The certifications obtained in the psychometric instruments Career Direct, Personality ID, High Potential Trait Indicators (HPTI), and Prepare-Enrich helped Paula optimize her natural talent for recognizing and cultivating other people’s potential, allowing them to grow and experience success. Currently, Paula coordinates virtual book clubs aimed at female audiences and is co-host/curator of the Vocatheo podcast.

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