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We transform people, families, and businesses.

Our purpose is to transform people, families, businesses, and institutions through education and the promotion of human development through self-knowledge, building lighter relationships, and planning actions for the future.
Gallup-certified Strengths Coaching
Career Direct Consulting
Prepare-Enrich Consulting

Invest in your competence

Vocation Journey Program

This program is a collective and deep reflection in four meetings on the meaning and direction of life.

Success Strategy Course

This course aims to facilitate academic and professional career planning.

Living your Unique Design Seminar

This seminar helps you and your team discover your professional path and purpose.

Career Direct Consultant Training

This training is a certification process for professionals who want to work with the Career Direct guidance system.

Career Consultants Update Program

This program is intended for Career Direct consultants already trained.


A weekend for you and a small group to discover who you are and grow as a community.

Against facts, there are no arguments!

Our transformations are our triumphs! See below some of our achievements out there.


The Individual Academy has trained and certified more than 51 HR professionals in the Career Direct®️ methodology.


The Individual Academy has performed over 400 human development consultancies and strengths coaching sessions in Brazil and the USA.


The Individual Academy has been assisting 4 companies continuously through the Corporate Human Development Plan.

What customers and students say about Individual Academy

"I left a situation of confusion about my professional career, with numerous Fs in the engineering bachelor degree, to a certainty of what I wanted: a career in social communication. Today I am a digital influencer, with more than 24k followers on Instagram and 130k on Tiktok. Human development consulting with the Individual Academy staff changed my life!" Giovanna Souza dos Santos, 20, Digital Influencer

"I finished the design degree feeling lost about what to do in my professional life. I didn't want to work as a graphic designer, which is the fate of most people in my field. So I decided to participate in a human development consultancy with the staff of Individual Academy, and I was encouraged by the consultants to create games. After that, I developed Lua em Pedaços, the first board game created in the state of Amazonas in Brazil. With this game, I participated in fairs and TV shows. I am very grateful to the Individual Academy for helping me to find myself!" Ed Lincoln Jr., 30, Gamer Designer

"I decided to return to Brazil after living abroad for five years and found myself without direction in my professional career. I had several ideas in my mind but no resolution. The strengths coaching process with the Individual Academy team was essential to restructure my ideas and start my business in ​​the beauty and aesthetics field." Natália Nascimento, 40, Entrepreneur.

"I was hopeless about my life and the future when I decided to invest in Flow Consulting with the Individual Academy staff. I had the limiting belief that important people were those who had the opportunity to go to college. At Flow Consulting, I could look at my past with different eyes, embrace my pain and turn it into a destiny platform. As a result, I got my license as a Generative Reprocessing Therapist (GRT) and Career Direct Career Consultant. I found my value in who I am." Simone Batista, 45, Therapist and Career Consultant.

"At Mentto Educação, we went through the Corporate Human Development Plan, a crafted project service designed by Individual Academy for companies and institutions. Our staff needed to discover their strengths both individually and as a team. As a result, the role of each one in the team became more clear. We even changed the company's strategy and moved some employees' areas of activity. By understanding each other and ourselves, we realized a better way to work together collaboratively." Mentto Education, Edtech.


Know yourself. Accept yourself. Surpass yourself.

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